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Superior Marketing and Customer Expertise: With superior online marketing experience, we know how to leverage the internet and fully utilize search engine optimization to capture potential guests and increase the occupancy and rental rate for your benefit. We know our target audience intimately and how to reach them through tried and tested revenue-generating marketing channels and partnerships.


Seasoned Property Management Experts: Given our in-depth knowledge of luxury developments and construction, we can effectively and efficiently manage your property and avoid potentially costly repairs. We understand typical maintenance issues and take proactive measures to maintain and protect your home to the highest standard.


Targeted Focus on High-End Luxury Market: Our focus on the high-end luxury market ensures that your property will be exposed to guests that expect, and are willing to pay for, the best. It is our attention to the smallest of detail and our commitment to superior customer service that sets us apart and promotes repeat visits from desirable guests.



Our Program Includes


  1. A team of experienced professionals to personally handle all rental inquiries, offer guest services, maximize rental revenue, maintain properties to the highest standard, and manage maintenance issues proactively.
  2. A personalized rental strategy based on your individual needs.
  3. Enforcement of rental contracts.
  4. Marketing your property, leveraging successful marketing channels through our extensive knowledge of the market, target audience, and local network.
  5. Working closely with your real estate partners.
  6. Coordinating spa maintenance, snow removal, restocking of routine maintenance supplies, etc.
  7. Overseeing housekeeping services and arrangement of departure cleans and optional daily or mid-week cleans.
  8. A home inventory check prior to entering our rental program to ensure each property is stocked with all items in the Tahoe Exclusive Vacation Rental Homeowner Inventory checklist.
  9. Regular home inspections, including pre-arrival and post-departure inspections.
  10. Damage Protection Insurance and management of claims in compliance with legal requirements when damage occurs.
  11. Representing you in credit card charges, refunds, extra charges, disputes, etc.
  12. Providing you with a monthly statement detailing all rents and expenses.
  13. Handling all rental revenue from tenants and disbursement of funds.
  14. Managing tax requirements, including the collection of Transient Occupancy Tax from your guests, and disbursement to the appropriate governmental agency.
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