Property Management Services

Vacation Homeownership Simplified

Tahoe Exclusive Vacation Rentals is an owner-operated boutique vacation rental provider specifically geared toward the luxury homeowner seeking superb attention. TEVR has cultivated a team of year-round, professional staff who take pride in high-quality service. Our carefully selected team remains completely local and on the ground, with strong connections to the community and an intimate knowledge of the area.


We believe in treating our homeowners, our guests, and our team like family.


We strive to create a special vacation experience for both homeowners and guests.


We sincerely hope you will consider joining Tahoe Exclusive’s program

Leave your worries behind with our proven track record.

A Boutique Approach


We take pride in providing top-tier service through a boutique approach specifically focusing on Northstar and Old Greenwood. With an emphasis on the high-end vacation rental market, we have an in-depth knowledge of luxury residences in North Lake Tahoe and utilize the proper methods to maintain your mountain home to the highest standard.


Exceptional service


Our team is determined to create a long-standing and trusted relationship with each and every one of our valued homeowners. We differ from our competitors in that we provide a quality and comprehensive vacation rental management experience for our owners. From housekeeping to maintenance to guest communication, we handle every detail of vacation homeownership from beginning to end.

Your home is a unique investment. We’re here to help you make the most of it.


Detailed Collaboration

We make ourselves personally available and work closely with each of our clients. 


Tailored to Your Needs

We create a personalized strategy specifically tailored to each homeowner’s needs.


Long-Established Relationships

We have long-established relationships with trusted local vendors, equating to timely and cost-effective repairs for your home. 


Quality control standards

We offer a very high standard of cleanliness and housekeeping quality control, so you can rest assured – you’re in good hands. 

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