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Interior of Truckee Tahoe Vacation Rental

In today's flexible work environment and an age of digital nomads, remote work vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular. Imagine the luxury of combining work and play by taking your office on the road to a serene location like Truckee, CA. With our Truckee vacation rentals, you can enjoy the perfect blend of productivity and relaxation. Our properties are equipped with top-notch work-from-home amenities, ensuring that your workday goes smoothly while you soak in the natural beauty of the Tahoe area.

Why Choose Truckee for Remote Work?

Truckee offers the perfect backdrop for remote work. Nestled in the Tahoe region, it provides stunning scenery, fresh mountain air, and a variety of outdoor activities. Whether you need a peaceful environment to focus on your work or a break to enjoy hiking, skiing, or exploring the local shops and restaurants, Truckee has it all. The tranquil environment coupled with modern amenities makes it an ideal location for remote work vacation rentals.

Top Remote Work Vacation Rentals in Truckee

Our selection of vacation rentals in Truckee is designed to cater to remote workers. Here are some of our top picks:

Old Greenwood Vacation Rentals

Fairway Drive 13534

  • Bedrooms: 4 | Sleeps: 10
  • Work from Home Amenities: Desk, Office, Computer Monitor, High-Speed Internet

Enjoy a seamless work experience at Fairway Drive 13535. This beautiful rental features a private office with a desk, monitor, and high-speed internet. Located just 5 minutes from downtown Truckee, you can easily step out for a lunch break at one of the local restaurants. The nearby golf course is perfect for a quick round of golf to refresh your mind.

Sutter's Trail 11243

This modern cabin offers a dedicated office space with high-speed internet. Take breaks in the private backyard or enjoy a round of golf at the nearby course. The home also features a private hot tub and access to the Pavilion with the Tahoe Mountain Club pass, making it perfect for a work vacation.

Miner's Trail 13263


  • Bedrooms: 4 | Sleeps: 12
  • Work from Home Amenities: Office, Desk, Desk Chair, Computer Monitor, High-Speed Internet

Work with a view of the trees and mountains from the private office at Miner's Trail. The curved monitor and ergonomic chair make this space ideal for long work hours. Spend your breaks on the outside deck, complete with an outdoor couch, hot tub, and fire pit for family relaxation.

Sutter’s Trail 11263

  • Bedrooms: 4 | Sleeps: 11
  • Work from Home Amenities: Office, Desk, High-Speed Internet

This rental offers a bright office with natural light and high-speed internet throughout the cabin. Perfect for working from any room in the house. When you’re done for the day or need a break, head to the Old Greenwood Pavilion for a family pool day or visit the kids' club.

Northstar Vacation Rentals

7530 Village Walk

  • Bedrooms: 4 | Sleeps: 10
  • Work from Home Amenities: Desk, High-Speed Internet

Each bedroom in this Northstar townhouse has a desk and high-speed internet, ensuring that multiple people can work simultaneously. The Village at Northstar offers numerous dining and shopping options, perfect for a midday break or evening out.

814 Beaver Pond

  • Bedrooms: 3 | Sleeps: 10
  • Work from Home Amenities: Desk, High-Speed Internet

A dedicated workspace and a large kitchen make this rental ideal for remote work and family gatherings. Enjoy fresh air on the back deck or engage in a friendly game of foosball.

Basque 116

  • Bedrooms: 4 | Sleeps: 10
  • Work from Home Amenities: Desk, High-Speed Internet

This private home features a desk with a printer in the primary bedroom. Relax in the hot tub after a productive day of work and explore the Village at Northstar for dinner and events.

Gray's Crossings Vacation Rentals

10215 Annie’s Loop

  • Bedrooms: 3 | Sleeps: 10
  • Work from Home Amenities: Desk, High-Speed Internet

A pet-friendly option with workspaces in the living area and master bedroom. Enjoy walks with your pet to nearby Truckee's pet-friendly restaurants. This home is perfect for those who want to bring their furry friends along for a working vacation.

Benefits of Working Remotely from Truckee

  1. High-Speed Internet: All our rentals are equipped with high-speed internet to keep you connected and ensure your work runs smoothly.
  2. Dedicated Workspaces: Enjoy private offices and desks to ensure a productive work environment. Each rental is equipped with everything you need to stay productive.
  3. Relaxation and Recreation: Balance work with relaxation by taking advantage of the outdoor activities and amenities available in Truckee. From hiking and skiing to dining and shopping, Truckee offers a plethora of activities to help you unwind.

Enhancing Your Remote Work Experience

To further enhance your remote work experience, consider these tips:

  • Set a Routine: Establish a daily routine that includes regular work hours, breaks, and leisure activities. This helps maintain a balance between work and relaxation.
  • Create a Comfortable Workspace: Make use of the ergonomic furniture and quiet environments provided in our rentals. A comfortable workspace can significantly improve productivity.
  • Explore Local Attractions: Use your breaks to explore the beautiful surroundings of Truckee. Whether it's a short hike, a visit to a local café, or a quick shopping trip, these activities can help you recharge.

Book Your Remote Work Vacation Rental Today

No matter which rental you choose, our Truckee vacation rentals are perfect for your next remote work adventure. Explore our vacation rentals and find the ideal place to work and relax. For more options, check out our Old Greenwood and Northstar properties.

Ready to transform your work-from-home experience? Book your stay at one of our remote work vacation rentals in Truckee today and discover the perfect balance of productivity and relaxation. Tahoe exclusive Vacation Rentals wants your remote working vacation to be perfect in every way, from your office space to your days off, so lets us help you find the perfect home away from home and start planning your stay.